Behind the Headline: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Nevada School Choice Program

By 05/19/2016

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Nevada School Choice Program
Las Vegas Sun| 5/18/16

Behind the Headline
Should Reformers Support Education Savings Accounts?
Education Next | Summer 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 8.50.10 PMIn Nevada, a judge has rejected a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the state’s new education savings account (ESA) program.

Under the program, parents in Nevada can take control of 90 percent of the state funds allocated to their child and spend it on private school tuition, online learning, special ed services, tutors, and more.

The ACLU argued that ESA’s violate the Blaine Amendment to the state’s constitution, which prohibits the use of public money for religious purposes, but the judge rejected that claim. The program still faces another lawsuit which is currently awaiting review by the Nevada Supreme Court.

The pros and cons of  ESAs are argued by the participants in a new Education Next forum.

In “The Next Step in School Choice,” Matt Ladner argues in favor of Education Savings Accounts.

In “Expand Choice, but Keep the Public Interest in Mind,” Nelson Smith argues against Education Savings Accounts.

– Education Next


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