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In Memphis Classrooms, the Ghost of Segregation Lingers On

The Atlantic | 2/13/12

Behind the Headline
Is Desegregation Dead?

Education Next | Fall 2010

What happens to a successful, all-black high school when its district revives the goal of desegregation? An article in the Atlantic looks at Manassas High School in Memphis, a school that “could be a poster child for the ‘no-excuses’ education reform movement,” according to Sarah Garland of the Hechinger Report, and what will happen when the city’s school district merges with the surrounding suburban school district, “setting up a potential clash between the two leading approaches to school reform.” In a forum appearing in the Fall 2010 issue of Ed Next, Steve Rivkin and Susan Eaton discussed the state of the desegregation movement and research on the impact of economic and racial segregation on student achievement.

Last updated February 15, 2012