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For Many Young D.C. Parents, City Schools Remain a Sticking Point
10/22/13 | Washington Post

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The Elephant in the Classroom
Winter 2013 | Education Next

In Washington, D.C., well-off and middle-class families mostly moved to the suburbs as soon as their children reached school age. Today’s young, affluent parents are increasingly willing to give the District of Columbia public schools a try.  Will these parents stay? Will they find the schools up to their standards? What happens to an urban school when its population changes? Emma Brown explores these issues in an article in the Washington Post.

In an article that appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Ed Next, Jennifer Stillman wrote about some of the culture clashes and misunderstandings experienced by students and parents in urban schools that began enrolling more middle class and affluent parents in New York.

An article in Ed Next by Mike Petrilli, “All Together Now,” looks at one school’s efforts to educate a diverse group of students and at the challenges of meeting the needs of all children. He writes about this topic at greater length in his book, The Diverse Schools Dilemma.

Alexander Russo wrote for Education Next about the growth of charter schools aimed at serving a diverse student body.

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Last updated October 22, 2013