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Cities Are Trying to Fix Their Schools by Luring the Middle Class
10/15/13 | The Atlantic

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All Together Now
Winter 2011 | Education Next

In the Atlantic, Maia Bloomfield Cucchiara looks at efforts by cities to convince more middle- and upper-middle-class families to stay in urban areas and send their kids to public schools.

An article in Ed Next by Mike Petrilli, “All Together Now,” looks at one school’s efforts to educate a diverse group of students and at the challenges of meeting the needs of all children. He writes about this topic at greater length in his book, The Diverse Schools Dilemma.

In an article that appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Ed Next, Jennifer Stillman wrote about some of the culture clashes and misunderstandings experienced by students and parents in schools enrolling students from diverse backgrounds.

In the same issue, Alexander Russo wrote about the growth of charter schools aimed at serving a diverse student body.

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Last updated October 16, 2013