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Anxiety, Frustration and Incredulity Follow Suggestion of School Sports Cuts
The Washington Post | 8/6/15

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Academic Value of Non-Academics
Education Next | Winter 2012

A task force in Fairfax County, Virginia, one of the nation’s largest school districts, has estimated that the district could save nearly $24 million by eliminating sports and cutting other extracurricular activities.

Fairfax County Schools face a budget shortfall of $100 million next year so the superintendent created a task force to come up with possible cuts. The suggestion that the school system consider cutting high school sports and other activities to save money “immediately stirred anxiety, frustration and incredulity across the community,” notes Moriah Balingit in the Washington Post.

June Kronholz looked at the benefits of sports and other extracurricular activities in a feature article for Education Next.

— Education Next

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