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Study: Kids Can Learn As Much from ‘Sesame Street’ as from Preschool
6/8/15 | Washington Post

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Young Einsteins
Summer 2001 | Education Next

A major study on the impact of “Sesame Street” finds that the show “has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of American children — benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool,” writes Jim Tankersley in the Washington Post. The influence is particularly strong for boys, African Americans and children who grow up in disadvantaged areas.

Tankersley notes “The researchers also say those effects probably come from ‘Sesame Street’s’ focus on presenting viewers with an academic curriculum, heavy on reading and math, that would appear to have helped prepare children for school.”

A forum in an early issue of Education Next featuring articles by David Elkind and Russ Whitehurst looked at whether preschool is too early to learn academic skills.

Ed Next’s Mike Petrilli has praised the academic content included in PBS shows.

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Last updated June 9, 2015