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Segregation by Ability
6/4/14 | New York Times

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Teaching Math to the Talented
Winter 2011 | Education Next

The New York Times’ Room for Debate focuses this week on gifted education.

Among the contributors is Rick Hess with “America’s Future Depends on Gifted Students” and Bruce Sacerdote with “Tracking Students by Ability Produces Results

The U.S. is currently producing fewer high-achieving students than one would expect, research published in Education Next has shown. Why is this the case? Are not enough resources being devoted to gifted students? Are we not educating gifted students in the right way?

A study published in Ed Next found that gifted students enrolled in a gifted and talented program in one school district did not outperform gifted  students who did not enroll in the program.

An article published in Ed Next, “All Together Now,” looks at the challenges of educating high and low achievers in the same classroom.

A feature story by June Kronholz took readers inside a school in Nevada for the highly gifted.

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Last updated June 5, 2014