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Report Exposes Divide Over Charter School Authorizing Best Practices
5/27/15 | Ed Week

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Charter Authorizers Face Challenges
Summer 2013 | Education Next

A new AEI report, The Paperwork Pileup, makes the case that many charter school authorizers require applicants to fill out unnecessarily extensive applications to get approval to open a school.  The authors, Mike McShane, Jenn Hatfield, and Elizabeth English, contend that charter school applications could be shortened by one-third, simply by eliminating unnecessary or inappropriate requirements, saving applicants around 700 hours of work. Both the National Association of Charter School Authorizers and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute have critiqued the report.

In the Summer 2013 issue of Education Next, Joey Gustafson took a close look at the work of charter school authorizers and at efforts to improve their effectiveness.

—Education Next

Last updated May 28, 2015