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Advocates For Arts Education May Be Doing More Harm Than Good
7/9/15 | The Hechinger Report

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The Educational Value of Field Trips
Winter 2014 | Education Next

An article in the Hechinger Report examines possible reasons for the decline in arts education, focusing on the idea that education today emphasizes skills over the humanities.

Jay Greene explains “It isn’t just the arts that are suffering from this focus on vocational training. Literature, poetry, history, classics and the rest of the humanities are getting hit along with the arts.”

Jay Greene’s study looking at what students gained from a visit to an art museum, “The Educational Value of Field Trips,” appears in the Winter 2014 issue of Education Next.

A second study by Greene and his colleagues, “Learning from Live Theater,” looks at the impact on students of attending a live theater performance.

– Education Next

Last updated July 9, 2015