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Stuart Buck

Stuart Buck is a doctoral fellow in education reform at the University of Arkansas.

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Blocked, Diluted, and Co-opted

Interest groups wage war against merit pay

Assertions Can’t Trump Research in the Debate over Special Ed Vouchers

The purpose of our piece was to summarize a body of research supporting the desirability of special education vouchers. Sara Mead's letter raises a number of objections, but she provides nothing to refute our evidence.

The Case for Special Education Vouchers

Parents should decide when their disabled child needs a private placement

Special Ed Vouchers Level the Playing Field for Disabled Kids

As Jay Greene and I argue in our brand new Ed Next article, "The Case for Special Education Vouchers," parents of special ed students should be provided with vouchers that would allow their children to attend private school. The moral and equitable case for providing special ed vouchers is strong: some special ed students get a raw deal from the traditional public schools, which often are unable to provide the needed services or specialized teachers that a disabled student needs.

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