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Rann Miller is a director of a federally funded after-school & summer program located in southern New Jersey. He spent 6 years teaching in charter schools in Camden, New Jersey. He is the creator, writer and editor of the Official Urban Education Mixtape Blog. His writing on race and urban education has appeared in Salon, AlterNet, and the Progressive, where he is an education fellow.

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Before Governors’ Push on School Breakfast, Black Panthers Were Feeding Kids

From Oakland, California, church program in 1960s, inspiration spread
There’s no imperative to maintain a remote lunch and recess schedule similar to an in-person one built around school building logistics such as limited cafeteria seating.

Hacks for Schools to Support Parents of Younger Remote Students

Avoid exhausting students to the point of disengagement
A police car parked in front of an office building

The Case for Case Studies: Teaching During Covid-19

“A kid who decided to break a police car window to steal masks from an officer, who arrests people attempting to enter stores without a mask”
Billionaire technology investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith announces he will provide grants to wipe out the student debt of the entire 2019 graduating class at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

A Truly Diverse School

Sorry, a maintenance man, secretary, or vice principal in charge of discipline isn’t enough.
The Amistad law was named for the slave ship that was the subject of a 1997 Steven Spielberg film.

New Jersey Enforces Its Amistad Law

Teaching about slavery in a state that twice voted against Abraham Lincoln.
Teacher Shanel Sommers looks over the work of one of her third-graders at KIPP Thrive Academy in Newark, N.J.

New Jersey’s Teacher Diversity Story Diverges from North Carolina’s

“Reply with the grade you were in when you had your first nonwhite teacher”
Bernie Sanders

Sanders Ban on For-Profit Charters May Backfire

The fact that African Americans favor charter schools has less to do with charter schools themselves and more to do with our right of self-determination where the education of our children is concerned.

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