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Michael Podgursky is Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri – Columbia, where he served as department chair from 1995-2005.  His research focuses on the economics of education.  He has written many articles in the area, with a primary focus on teacher labor markets and teacher compensation.  He serves on the board of editors of Education Finance and Policy, Peabody Journal of Education, and advisory boards for various statistical agencies and research institutes, and is a co-investigator at the Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research at the Urban Institute and the National Center for Performance Incentives at Vanderbilt University, two national research centers funded by the Institute on Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education.

Published Articles & Media

Pensions Under Pressure

Charter innovation in teacher retirement benefits

Why Teacher vs. Non-Teacher Pay Comparisons Are Misleading

Pension benefits for public school teachers (and most public employees) are far more generous than for private sector professionals.

Choosing the Right Growth Measure

Methods should compare similar schools and teachers

The School Administrator Payoff from Teacher Pensions

The “stewards” of the system benefit the most

Fixing Teacher Pensions

Is it enough to adjust existing plans?

Teacher Retirement Benefits

Even in economically tough times, costs are higher than ever.

Golden Handcuffs

Teachers who change jobs or move pay a high price

Peaks, Cliffs, and Valleys

The peculiar incentives of teacher pensions

Flunking ETS

The Educational Testing Service makes divining the methods of good teachers look easy. It's not.

Defrocking the National Board

Will the imprimatur of "board certification" professionalize teaching?

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