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Emily Ayscue Hassel

EMILY AYSCUE HASSEL is Co-Director of Public Impact. She provides thought leadership and oversight to Public Impact’s work on human capital, organizational transformation, parental choice of schools, and emerging opportunities for dramatic change in pre-K to grade 12 education. Ms. Hassel co-authored “The Big U-Turn: How to bring schools from the brink of doom to stellar success” for Education Next; Improving Teaching Through Pay for Contribution for the National Governor’s Association; School Restructuring Under No Child Left Behind: What Works When?, and Public Impact’s Competencies for Turnaround Success Series. She led Public Impact’s initial work on school restructuring under No Child Left Behind, addressing both education and cross-sector lessons for chronically failing schools. Other work includes Picky Parent Guide: Choose Your Child's School with Confidence; Choosing the Right Preschool eBook for; and Learning Point Associates’ Professional Development: Learning from the Best, a toolkit for education leaders on designing and implementing effective professional development.She previously worked for the Hay Group, a leading human resources consulting firm. Ms. Hassel received her law and Masters in Business Administration degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Published Articles & Media

How a State Could Achieve Major Gains in Learning, Pay, Economy

Redesigning jobs to extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students by having them work in collaborative teams will bring benefits to teachers, students, and the state as a whole.

Refreshing the Vision of an Opportunity Culture—for All

New school models that allow all teachers to succeed in teams increase the odds of widespread improvement in teaching and learning.

How One Leading Educators Fellow Extends Her Reach

How can schools redesign jobs and use technology to reach more students with excellent teachers? And how can they offer teachers more pay, within budget?

Teachers Say ‘Yes!’ to Opportunity Culture

A year ago, Public Impact began working with school design teams of pilot schools to choose and tailor school models for extending the reach of excellent teachers to more students.

How to Pay Teachers Dramatically More, Within Budget

Schools could free funds to pay excellent teachers in teaching roles up to 40 percent more and teacher-leaders up to about 130 percent more, within current budgets and without increasing class sizes.

Elite Tenure: Oxymoron, or the Next Big Thing?

Could redesigned tenure actually help grow the size and power of an elite teaching corps that reaches far more children with high-progress learning?

Going Exponential: Growing the Charter Sector’s Best

The top 10 percent of charter schools in the U.S. serve 167,000 children annually. If just this elite subset of charter schools grew at the 40 percent rate we see in other sectors, they could serve some 26 million students every year by 2025. Even if only half of the nation’s best charter operators grew that quickly, they could collectively serve every low-income child in American in 15 years.

The Big U-Turn

How to bring schools from the brink of doom to stellar success

3X for All: Extending the Reach of Education’s Best

Instead of just trying to recruit more great teachers, what if schools chose to reach more children with the great teachers they already have?

A Story of Two Children

Why Can’t Our Schools Acknowledge Them?

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