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Education Next is a scholarly journal published by the Hoover Institution that is committed to looking at hard facts about school reform. Other sponsoring institutions are the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance, part of the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. For more information contact Janice B. Riddell,, External Relations, Education Next

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Study provides evidence that the New York City bonus program did not lead to marked gains in student achievement

New York City’s decision to scrap school-wide bonus pay echoes study findings that school-wide performance pay hampers the incentives for individual teachers to improve performance

The Truly Talented Soar in Public School Targeting Their Needs

Students with exceptional intellectual ability are well served in an innovative Nevada public school

Tax Credit Scholarships for Low-Income Florida Students to Attend Private Schools Improve Performance at Nearby Public Schools

Private school scholarship program leads to immediate and pronounced achievement improvements at neighborhood public schools, with elementary and middle schools most responsive

Percentage of U.S. Students Achieving at Advanced Levels in Math Trails Most Industrialized Nations

New analysis finds U.S. ranked 31st out of 56 countries in the percentage of students performing at a high level of accomplishment, trailing Korea, Canada, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Lithuania, among others

Study Finds Students in K-8 Schools Do Better than Students in Stand-Alone Middle Schools

Comprehensive analysis of 10 years of data from New York City shows middle-school students experience substantial achievement decline compared to K-8 peers

Public and Teachers Divided in Their Support for Merit Pay, Teacher Tenure, Race to the Top

National Survey also reveals increased support for virtual schooling, support for charter schools rises sharply in minority communities

Teachers Unions In Five States Spent More Than $100 Per Teacher On Political Campaigns

New Education Next analysis finds two national teachers unions spent $71.7 million on political campaigns in 2007-08 and millions more on policy research to support their agendas

EdNext Research Finds NCLB Has Produced Substantial National Gains In Math Skills

Landmark federal law responsible for gains in math among low-income and Hispanic students, but had no impact on reading achievement.

Report Raises Questions about Standards of “Race to the Top” Winners

Education Next rates Each State’s Proficiency Standards; finds that Race to the Top Winners Delaware and Tennessee get a ‘C’ and an ‘F’, respectively

Charter Schools, Traditional Public Schools Similarly Segregated

Flawed comparisons lead Civil Rights Project to unwarranted conclusions

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