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Education Next is a scholarly journal published by the Hoover Institution that is committed to looking at hard facts about school reform. Other sponsoring institutions are the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance, part of the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. For more information contact Janice B. Riddell,, External Relations, Education Next

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Evidence Doesn’t Support Investment in School Turnaround Efforts

New school start ups and replications of high performing charter school models provide a better solution

Education Next Profiles D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee

Can Michelle Rhee Wrest Control of the D.C. School System from Decades of Failure?

Researchers Find Special Education Voucher Programs Ensure Better Services and Outcomes for Students

In a feature article for the winter 2010 issue of Education Next, education researchers Jay P. Greene and Stuart Buck of the University of Arkansas dispel several common myths about these programs and show how they have benefited handicapped children in states where they have been enacted, including those not in private placements.

“Obama Effect” Strongly Influences Public Attitudes on Controversial Education Topics, according to Education Next–PEPG 2009 National Survey

Findings Show Research Evidence Can Be Equally Significant in Shaping Public Opinion. Read the full article, The Persuadable Public, by William G. Howell, Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West.

Pro-student Court Rulings Decline, Researchers Show

Many think students have more rights than courts have granted. Read the full article, Law and Disorder in the Classroom, by Richard Arum and Doreet Preiss.

Students in D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program Make Significant Improvements in Reading, U.S. Education Department Study Finds

Voucher gains are the largest achievement impacts from any federal education experiment so far. Read the full article, Lost Opportunities, by Patrick J. Wolf.

Education Next Forum on the Future of No Child Left Behind: Mend It? Or End It?

Education Scholars Diane Ravitch and John E. Chubb Debate the Pros and Cons of the Controversial Federal Education Policy. Read the full article, The Future of No Child Left Behind, with Diane Ravitch and John E. Chubb

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