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Education Next is a scholarly journal published by the Hoover Institution that is committed to looking at hard facts about school reform. Other sponsoring institutions are the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance, part of the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. For more information contact Janice B. Riddell,, External Relations, Education Next

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Advanced vocational classes increase students’ early-career earnings

Growing academic course requirements may crowd out advantageous career and technical studies

Charter school growth has modest impact on segregation

First national analysis reveals increase within districts, decrease across metro areas

New York Education Law Rooted in Anti-Catholic Animus

Journal unearths origin of legislation at center of fight over Jewish schools

Is summer learning loss real?

Recent tests do not show widening achievement gaps during summer vacation

Delaying high-school start times increases student achievement

Successful efforts to push back start times offer lessons for other districts

No evidence that Wi-Fi in classrooms puts students’ health at risk

Expert examines half-century of research on radio frequency exposure

Debate on social and emotional learning weighs merits and costs

Experts draw from learning science and available research evidence

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