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Erin Dillon

At Education Sector, Dillon oversees the organization's school choice work and is responsible for designing, implementing, and assisting with a variety of research and analysis projects, with a focus on school choice and higher education financial aid. Prior to joining Education Sector, Dillon was a research associate with the Beginning with Children Foundation in New York. At the foundation, she managed a research project examining the academic achievement of charter school students and assisted with a college preparatory program for high school students. Dillon received her master's degree in social sciences in education at Stanford University in 2004, where she focused on education research and policy, and received a bachelor's in psychology at the College of William and Mary. Previously, she gained extensive experience with quantitative research and analysis as a study coordinator at Johns Hopkins University.

Published Articles & Media

Testing College Readiness

Massachusetts compares the validity of two standardized tests

Lessons for Online Learning

Charter schools’ successes and mistakes have a lot to teach virtual educators

Will the Virtual School Movement Make the Same Mistakes as the Charter School Movement?

National School Choice week is a good opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned from the past twenty years of charter schooling. In “Lessons for Online Learning,” my colleague Bill Tucker and I focus on what the charter school movement can teach the rapidly growing virtual education movement—particularly about the importance of focusing on quality as much as on growth.

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