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Caroline Hoxby

Caroline Hoxby is professor of economics at Stanford University.

Published Articles & Media

The Right Way to Capture College “Opportunity”

Popular Measures Can Paint the Wrong Picture of Low-Income Student Enrollment

The Immensity of The Coleman Data Project

Gaining clarity on the report’s flaws will improve future research

Expanding College Opportunities

Intervention yields strong returns for low-income high-achievers

Findings from the City of Big Shoulders

Younger Students Learn More in Charter Schools

New York City Charter Schools

Who attends them and how well are they teaching their students?

Changing the Profession

How choice would affect teachers

Rising Tide

New evidence on competition and the public schools

The Power of Peers

What does the term "peer effects" mean in a school environment? It includes the...

Are We Still at Risk

Students do no more homework today than they did 20 years ago, despite the recommendations of A Nation at Risk.

Reforms for Whom?

The core of A Nation at Risk was its concern that America’s public schools were not challenging enough to prepare students for a future built on technology and information.

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