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Bruno V. Manno

Bruno V. Manno is Senior Advisor for K – 12 Education Reform with the Walton Family Foundation. Prior to that, he was Senior Program Associate for Education with the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Before coming to the Casey Foundation, Manno was Senior Fellow in the Education Policy Studies Program at the Hudson Institute, where he held several positions including executive director of the National Commission on Philanthropy and Civic Renewal and executive director of the Congressionally created National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education. From 1986 to 1993, he worked in the United States Department of Education, holding several senior positions—including Special Assistant to U.S. Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander and Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning. He is the co-author with Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Gregg Vanourek of Charter Schools in Action: Renewing Public Education; co-author with Peter Frumkin and Nell Edgington of The Strategic Management of Charter Schools: Frameworks and Tools for Educational Entrepreneurs; co-editor with Frederick M. Hess of Customized Schooling: Beyond Whole School Reform as well as many articles on K – 12 education policy and reform. He is an Emeritus Trustee of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation as well as other non-profit boards, including Education Sector and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Dayton and his Ph.D. from Boston College.

Published Articles & Media

A tutor works one-on-one with a student

Education’s “Long Covid”: A Five-Point Agenda for Supersizing Recovery Efforts

In the wake of the pandemic, a K–12 crisis remains and requires a robust response

Different Friendships Count

A pandemic back-to-school reminder
Two people shaking hands

“Big Quit” May Force New Focus on Soft Skills and Success

How to prepare the American workforce for the increasing importance of noncognitive skills
US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris arrive for an event to mark the start of monthly Child Tax Credit relief payments, in the White House complex, July 15, 2021.

Families Are Using New Child Tax Credit for K-12 School Costs, Census Shows

Forty percent of low-income recipients say they spent the money on tuition, books, tutoring, or other education-related expenses.
Worcester Technical High School teacher Louis Desy, right, watches as Zaire Peart, left, holds a flashlight for Kyle Dipilato, who is disassembling a car donated by a local salvage company.

From the College Credentialist Prejudice to Opportunity Pluralism

Preparing youth for jobs and careers after Covid-19
Clarendon Alternative Elementary School fourth-grader Ayla Einhorn works on her computer as students and parents attend distance learning Zoom classes at Midtown Terrace Playground in San Francisco.

Pluralism Is Growing in K-12 Education

Exit, voice, loyalty and the Covid-19 shock
A hand inserting a key into the lock of a doornob

Generation Z and Millennials Believe in the American Dream, New Survey Finds

More than 80 percent see link between hard work, success
Students at Cal State-LA collaborate as part of an advanced vehicle technology competition. The public university campus scored highest in the nation in one ranking measuring upward mobility rates.

Why So Many People Are Disappointed With Their Educations—And How To Start Fixing It.

Alternative pathways can help students find a “vocational self” and upward mobility
Students standing in a circle with the word "CHOICE" written within.

Majority of U.S. Students Now Exercise School Choice

A week to celebrate those voting with their feet.

What Jobs Do Learners Hire Education To Do After High School?

Interviews shed light on student motives, from ‘get away’ to ‘step it up.’

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