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Brian P. Gill

Brian P. Gill is a senior fellow at Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

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Illustration that reads "The Nation's Report Card"

State and Local NAEP Declines Were More Universal Than Commonly Reported

(with a caution on the hazards of misinterpreting “statistical significance”)
Illustration of a student standing next to a ruler

States: Don’t Give Up on Measuring Student Growth for 2022 Accountability

States lacking valid baseline test data from 2021 could go back to 2019 for their baselines, measuring cumulative growth across three years.
Illustration of a man measuring a school with an oversized ruler

Making Sure School Performance Measures Provide the Right Diagnosis to Improve Student Outcomes

"How are the students doing?" is a different question from "What does the school contribute?"

Using Transparency To Create Accountability When School Buildings Are Closed and Tests Are Canceled

The districts and schools most likely to succeed in remote education will be those that provide a substantial amount of synchronous instruction and live student–teacher interaction.

A Life Lesson In Civics

How Democracy Prep Charter Schools Boost Student Voting

Charter Schools and Segregation: What the Research Says

When charter schools serving mostly minority students outperform nearby district schools that also serve mostly minority students, what does this tell us about charter schools and segregation?

The Effect of Charter Schools on Students in Traditional Public Schools: A Review of the Evidence

Eleven studies have examined whether charter schools will have positive or negative indirect effects on students in district public schools.

Testing College Readiness

Massachusetts compares the validity of two standardized tests

Does Student Attrition Explain KIPP’s Success?

Evidence on which students leave KIPP middle schools and who replaces them

KIPP, Student Attrition, and Peer Effects: A Response to Richard Kahlenberg

Our study did address all three ways in which peer influences might make a difference in KIPP’s success, but reached its clearest conclusions about the effects of student attrition and replacement patterns.

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