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Dr. Arun Ramanathan leads Pivot Learning, the largest nonprofit provider of technical assistance in the areas of leadership development, teaching and learning and education finance to school districts in California. With a staff of over 100 education experts, Pivot has worked with more than 250 districts, charters since 2011, including an increasing number of districts outside California. Prior to joining Pivot, Arun served as the Executive Director of the Education Trust-West and was the Chief Student Services Officer in the San Diego Unified School District charged with leading multiple district departments with combined budgets exceeding $350 million. Arun is an immigrant to the U.S. and an English Learner. He received his B.A. from Dartmouth College, Elementary and Special Education from Boston College and earned a doctorate in Administration, Policy and Social Planning from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

Published Articles & Media

Ed Reform Has an Asian Problem

For decades, the education world has stereotyped Asians as a “model minority” and left them out of the education dialogue. For most ed. reformers, Asians aren’t even an afterthought.

To Compete with Charter Schools, Take a Closer Look at the What the Competition is Doing

In this post, I’ll discuss the third step, rethink the conventional wisdom of the traditional and reform sectors in budgeting, programming, and parent engagement.

Don’t Complain About Charter Schools, Compete With Them

For district leaders, tuning out the education reform debate is the first big step in adapting to—and surviving—charter growth.

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