What We’re Watching: Why Are Brooklyn’s Schools So Segregated?

By 02/18/2016

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A new video from Reason TV looks at an area of Brooklyn where two schools that are just a short distance apart serve very different populations.

P.S. 8 in Brooklyn Heights is surrounded by expensive brownstones. Less than a mile away, P.S. 307 serves the mostly poor and minority children who live in a large public housing project. But with P.S. 8 experiencing severe overcrowding, school boundaries may be redrawn so that both schools are more diverse.

This video asks, “Will moving the lines on a map integrate Brooklyn’s public schools? What if instead of redrawing catchment areas, poor parents were given the same choices middle-class families take for granted?”


A new article from Education Next looks at changes in school segregation over time and at the impact of segregation on student learning.

—Education Next

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