Success Academy Charter Schools are among the highest-performing schools in New York City. Wondering what goes on inside the schools? Now you can take a virtual tour.

Success Academy explains

Over the past decade, thousands of visitors have toured Success Academy schools. The demand from educators, government officials, and school administrators from across the country and around the world – has outstripped the charter school network’s capacity to host tours, workshops, and conferences. This virtual tour provides universal access to the inner workings of its schools, with the particular aim of sharing school design, elementary pedagogy, and school culture. Utilizing a sophisticated web-based application, the virtual tour offers an immersive, 360-degree panoramic view of a Success Academy elementary school.

If you prefer words to pictures, please read Charles Sam’s feature article for Education Next, “What Explains Success at Success Academy” from the Summer 2015 issue of Education Next.

— Education Next

Last updated August 25, 2015