On Friday, March 4, 2016 at noon, the Cato Institute hosted a discussion with the title “School Choice Regulation: Friend or Foe?” The event will live stream here.

A recently released study has found that Louisiana’s school voucher program has had a negative impact on students’ performance on standardized tests. Some argue that the reason scores have declined is because of the regulations that are part of the state’s voucher program.

Jason Bedrick made this point in “The Folly of Overregulating School Choice.” Doug Harris responded in “The First Negative Effects of Vouchers and the Predictable Misinterpretation.”

Participants in the Cato discussion of the role of regulation in voucher programs will include Patrick J. Wolf, Douglas N. Harris, Michael J. Petrilli, Jason Bedrick, and Neal McCluskey.

— Education Next

Last updated March 3, 2016