Harvard professor John Friedman talks with the Wall Street Journal about the study he did (with Raj Chetty and Jonah Rockoff) on the effects a high-value-added teacher can have on students’ future earnings.

A reader-friendly version of the study, “Great Teaching: Measuring its effects on students’ future earnings,” by Friedman, Chetty and Rockoff, appears in the Summer 2012 edition of Education Next.

Because the study generated a great deal of attention, Education Next asked four experts to comment on the study’s implications for public policy. Here are their responses:

Low-Performing Teachers Have High Costs – By Eric A. Hanushek

Profound Implications for State Policy – By Chris Cerf and Peter Shulman

More Evidence Would Be Welcome – By Dale Ballou

Implications for Policy Are Not So Clear – By Douglas Harris

Last updated May 11, 2012