The Fordham Institute and EdFuel hosted a discussion on September 28, 2015 about “how education organizations can learn to recognize and retain their most talented staff and turn them into tomorrow’s leaders.”

NB: There are problems with the volume in this video until the 3:15 mark.

The event, “Hidden in Plain Sight: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders of the Education Sector” looked at the challenge of developing strong leaders, considered why so many organizations hire leaders from outside rather than promoting from within, and asked how organizations can better invest in their own staff.

Joining in the discussion were Betsy Doyle, of the Bridgespan Group; Kara Maguire, of Uncommon Schools; Deborah McGriff, of NewSchools Venture Fund; and Talia Shaull, CEO of Tulsa Public Schools. EdFuel CEO Jimmy Henderson moderated the event.

—Education Next

Last updated September 29, 2015