Should Washington, D.C. assign students to schools in a way that provides some socioeconomic integration? Or should it just give families the schools they ask for and lay off the social engineering?

The Fordham Institute will host a debate on this topic on Friday at 10:00 am.

Moderator Mike Petrilli will host Michael Alves, Education Planner, Alves Educational Group; Chester E. Finn, Jr., President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute; Heather Harding, Executive Director, EdCORE; and Richard D. Kahlenberg, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation.

This discussion was inspired by an article by Petrilli, Kahlenberg and Sam Chaltain, “How D.C. Schools Can Ward Off the Big Flip

Chester E. Finn, Jr. responded in “Flipping Out: Controlled Choice Restricts Options

The debate will be webcast live.

—Education Next

Last updated March 19, 2014