On January 25 at 4 pm, the Fordham Institute will host a debate on school discipline reform. The focus will be on the impact of policies aimed at reducing suspensions.

To what extent are such policies actually altering school practice—and are those alterations doing good or harm? Are new approaches such as “restorative justice” having the intended effect? What are the pros and cons of limiting—even banning—suspensions for certain forms of misconduct? Are schools following the new mandates? Are racial disparities in discipline decreasing? Is it possible to reduce suspensions without causing more school and classroom disruption? 

You can watch a livestream of the event here.

For more on this topic, please read “What Do We Know About School Discipline Reform?” by Matthew Steinberg and Johanna Lacoe in the Winter 2017 issue of EdNext.

— Education Next

Last updated January 19, 2018