The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held another hearing this week on the Higher Ed Act, which is due for reauthorization. This hearing focused on innovation and improving access to higher education.

Mike Larsson was asked to testify about Match Beyond, a program he co-founded.  As he explains in his testimony, the mission of Match Beyond “is to help students from low-income households earn quality college degrees at affordable prices and to leverage those degrees into career-track, middle class jobs.”

Jon Marcus wrote about Match Beyond for EdNext last year in “A New Path to a College Degree: Match Beyond helps low-income students succeed.”

As Marcus wrote:

Match Beyond, launched in late 2013, offers accelerated degree programs through a pioneering approach that combines online education—provided by a partner, Southern New Hampshire University—with intensive coaching and support, including job-placement counseling. 

— Education Next

Last updated January 26, 2018