What We’re Watching: What Can We Learn From Cage-Busting Teachers?

By 04/13/2015

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AEI has posted a series of videos leading up to an event on cage-busting teachers — who they are and what they can teach us. In this video, teacher Marilyn Rhames gives teachers strategic advice on how to start new school programs.

The cage-busting teachers event took place at AEI on Wednesday, April 15. Among the panelists were Rhames, NEA president Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Jason Kamras of DCPS, Irvin Scott of the Gates Foundation, and Evan Stone of Educators4Excellence.

As the event page notes, some reforms are leaving teachers feeling isolated, trapped, and stifled. However, there is a way out. In his new book, The Cage-Busting Teacher, Rick Hess shows how teachers can work with school leaders and policymakers to make their schools better places for the students and themselves.

An excerpt from the new book, “A Breakout Role for Teachers,” is available from Education Next.

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