Teachers and Teaching

Illustration of campaign flyers on a sign

Putting Teachers on the Ballot

Raises for teachers, fewer charters when educators join the school board
5th-grade math teachers Brittney Bentley and Nicole Plowman co-teach a multiplication lesson at Lucy Laney Community School in Minneapolis.

Are Two Teachers Better Than One?

The effect of co-teaching on students with and without disabilities

Estimating the “Effective Teaching Gap”

Students Experience Unequal Outcomes, but Mostly Equal Access to High-Quality Instruction

The Costs of Canceling Darwin

Fewer scientists, more skepticism of science in states that limit evolution instruction

How to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading

New research supports a simple, low-cost teaching tool

Do Smarter Teachers Make Smarter Students?

International evidence on teacher cognitive skills and student performance

The Full Measure of a Teacher

Using value-added to assess effects on student behavior

Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale

Can Personalized Training Become Standard Practice?


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