School Inflation

Did the 20th-century growth in school size improve education?

Falling Behind

New evidence on the black-white achievement gap

With Strings Attached

The notion of “local control” has an enduring resonance in American education, yet the law gives state officials the upper hand

Competition Passes the Test

Vouchers improve public schools in Florida

The English Experiment

In developed countries like the United States and Britain, the continuing challenge for educators is to sort through the choices of an all-you-can-eat school system and teach the basic skills.

Wage Distortion

Why America’s top women college graduates aren’t teaching

Incentives to Learn

Merit scholarships that pay kids to do well

The Truths about Charter Schools

New Research from Chicago and North Carolina

Results from the Tar Heel State

Older Students Did Better When in Regular Public Schools

Vote Early, Vote Often

The role of schools in creating civic norms


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