New Report Identifies 165 Public High Schools That Admit Students Based on Top Academic Records

Schools disproportionately serve Asians and African Americans; Whites and Latinos underrepresented

Student Achievement Gains in U.S. Fail to Close International Achievement Gap

U.S. ranks 25th out of 49 countries in student test-score gains over 14-year period, report 3 scholars at Harvard, Stanford and the University of Munich

States and Cities Taking Steps to End the District Monopoly on Public School Facilities

Movement growth prompts districts to accommodate charter needs – but bigger structural changes are needed

Study Finds Students in K-8 Schools Do Better than Students in Stand-Alone Middle Schools

Comprehensive analysis of 10 years of data from New York City shows middle-school students experience substantial achievement decline compared to K-8 peers

New Education Next Forum: Is There a Connection between School Spending and Student Achievement? Should Courts Decide?

U. S. Supreme Court decision puts issue on front burner for states. Read the full article, Many Schools Are Still Inadequate, by Eric Hanushek, Alfred Lindseth and Michael Rebell.


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