School Spending

EdStat: $1,220 per Pupil Was Spent by School Districts on Teachers’ Pension Benefits in 2017

Pension costs, excluding Social Security and retiree health insurance, have grown from $520 per student in 2004 to $1,220 today.

The Tangled World of Teacher Debt

Clashing rules and uncertain benefits for federal student-loan subsidies

EdNext Podcast: Unmasking School Spending

As of December 2018, school districts nationwide will be required to report exactly what they spend on each of their schools. Will that information kick off a new wave of school finance research and reform? Could it become one of the law’s most important legacies? Marty West discusses the change with Marguerite Roza of Georgetown University.

Public Schools and Money

Strategies for improving productivity in times of austerity

What We’re Watching: Teacher of the Year Gets Laid Off

Sacramento's teacher of the year just lost her job as result of budget cuts in a district that mandates layoffs according to seniority, not performance.

Fight Club

Are advocacy organizations changing the politics of education?

Let the Dollars Follow the Child

How the federal government can achieve equity

Toothless Reform?

If the feds get tough, Race to the Top might work

Fueling the Engine

Smarter, better ways to fund education innovators


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