Courts and Law

Justice Gorsuch, Meet James G. Blaine

The Supreme Court has a new opportunity to clarify matters in a case scheduled for oral argument on April 19, just days after Justice Neil Gorsuch’s arrival on the bench.

Special Education Standards

Supreme Court raises level of benefit

Gorsuch, the Judicious Judge

A Common-Sense Approach to Education Issues

Reaping the Whirlwind

Union victory on tenure may be short-lived

Disparate Impact Indeed

Court’s latest ruling will hurt minority students

Ballots Not Barristers

Arizona case shows limits of litigation

Paycheck Protection

Court upholds Michigan law forbidding public schools from collecting union dues through payroll deductions

More School Dollars!

School finance claims shuffle back to life

Door Still Closed

Alabama plaintiffs lose federal school finance challenge

What We’re Watching: GA Supreme Court Strikes Down State Chartered Schools

In this Choice Media TV report, Georgians react to the news that their state can no longer approve or direct funding to charter schools.


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