Spring 2023: Vol. 23, No. 2

Book cover of How Policies Make Interest Groups by Michael T. Hartney

How Teachers Unions Became a Political Powerhouse

A nuanced look at the role of unions in education policy
Free and reduced-price meal designations are inaccurate indicators of family income.

A Poor Poverty Measure

To identify children in need, look beyond free lunch data
Natasha Lance Rogoff appears on set as producer of Ulitza Sesam in Moscow.

How to Get to Sesame Street—in 1990s Russia

A tale of perseverance, flexibility, and the conviction that a children’s show could matter for kids in a land of oppression

PISA: Mission Failure

With so much evidence from student testing, why do education systems continue to struggle?
Book cover of Take Back the Game by Linda Flanagan

Resisting the Youth Sports Industrial Complex

Children’s sports are corrupted, but parents don’t have to play along

Gifted and Talented Programs Don’t Cause School Segregation

Uneven enrollments, but minor impacts on racial separation
Three plates of cookies

Numeracy for All

U.S. kids were struggling in math even before the pandemic. Here are four key ways to help students understand.

Predicting the Next School Shooting May Never Be Possible

If it’s not possible, is threat assessment the best alternative?


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