Winter 2003: Vol. 3, No. 1

Political Educator

Paul Vallas pays the price of leadership

The Big Stick

How Chicago reversed its descent

The Philadelphia Experiment

The story behind Philadelphia’s Edison contract

Choice & Freedom

Legendary economist Milton Friedman reflects on the idea he spawned half a century ago

Fanatical Secularism

The missionaries in public schools

High Stakes in Chicago

Are Chicago’s rising test scores genuine?

The Human Capital Century

Has U.S. leadership come to an end?

Lobbying in Disguise

Do Charter Schools Measure Up? The Charter School Experiment After 10 Years by the American Federation of Teachers

Siegfried and the Urban Education Dragon

Illustration by Chris Gall. Few urban school superintendents remain in place for long nowadays. According...

The GED; value-added testing; and California accountability

The GED; value-added testing; and California accountability


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