Vol. 1, No. 4

Putting Parents First

A cause worth fighting for

Houston Takes Off

Will success survive the Paige promotion?

Taking Measure

A recent Council of the Great City Schools report hailed Houston for 'beating the odds' by generating sizable gains in student achievement.

Balancing Act

Redefining the district's role under standards-based reform

The Work Ahead

Does school choice push public schools to improve?

Digging Deeper

Houston has plenty of unfinished business as it transitions to new leadership an

A Work in Progress

After five years, school choice is beginning to have visible effects in Michigan’s education system.

A Union by Any Other Name

The NEA and AFT will promote reforms-but only those that serve teachers interests

Finishing Touches

If school vouchers bettered the educational opportunities only of children who use the vouchers to attend private schools or schools in another district, many reformers would be left holding cups half empty.


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