Technology in Education

Will it be more than just a promise?

The Human Touch

In the rush to place a computer on every desk, schools are neglecting intellectual creativity and personal growth

Technical Difficulties

Information technology could help schools do more with less. If only educators knew how to use it

Steering a True Course

Agents of reform or defenders of the status quo?

Lost at Sea

Early 20th century Progressive reformers established elected school boards as a means of shielding...

What’s a Teacher Worth?

Much more, and much less, than what they get now

The Uniform Salary Schedule

Brad Jupp puts the union label on merit pay in Denver

All Teachers Are Not the Same

Julia Koppich argues that we have the tools for recognizing—and rewarding— the best teachers.

Recognizing Differences

Lewis Solmon makes the case for rewarding better teachers with more money.

On the Positive Side

Bloomberg and Klein Seek to Repair a Failure Factory


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