School Choice

Tax Credit Scholarships Need a Critical, Not Hostile, Eye

It’s hard to get past the New York Times’s animus toward anything “private” or profit-seeking in the realm of K-12 education.

Charter Benefits Are Proven by the Best Evidence

Supporters of charter schools have four gold-standard randomized control trials on their side. Opponents of charter schools have no equally rigorous evidence on their side.

Behind the Headline: Stop Burning NY’s Special Ed Dollars

On Top of the News Stop Burning NY's Special Ed Dollars New York Post | 2/1/12 Behind...

Expanding Choice in Elementary and Secondary Education

An upcoming Brookings Institution report — "Expanding Choice in Elementary and Secondary Education" — will make interesting reading. The preview for a release event says that the report will discuss “how to expand school choice to increase equity and create a market within the public sector for school quality.” Given the expertise and background of the panelists who will present next week, how they define equity, the public sector, and school quality will be quite significant.


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