School Choice

Testing Requirements Hurt Choice

State testing makes choice schools look worse than they really are, and there's no evidence that state testing requirements improve outcomes or ensure quality.

The Problem With ‘Bad Voucher Schools Aren’t a Problem’

Students receiving publicly funded scholarships or vouchers should take state assessments and that the results should be reported publicly.

The Common Coring of Private Schools

Though Fordham’s accountability plan for voucher schools is well-intentioned, their justifications are unpersuasive and their proposal is more likely to do harm than good.

Why and How Parents Choose Schools

I agree with the study’s authors that we ought to do all we can to make school information widely available so parents can make informed choices, but I’m still of a mind that some level of regulation is needed

Tough Advice for Faith-Based Schools from a Critical Friend

Families are becoming smarter and pickier customers. Why has the faith-based schools community barely reacted or adapted to this new environment?

Japan’s Robin Hood School-Voucher Program

The Abe government has proposed to impose tuition charges for public high school attendance by children of wealthy families and to use the proceeds from that tuition charge to subsidize the attendance of low income children in private schools.

Education Savings Accounts Leave a Mom at Loss for Words

In survey results that the Friedman Foundation released today, evidence indicates that parents using education savings account are very satisfied with their new options.

Choice and Special Education

Schools of choice appear to be open to students with disabilities but aren’t as bureaucratically inclined to label students as disabled as are traditional public schools.

Study Shows Louisiana’s Choice Program Improves Racial Integration

In the name of civil rights, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking to keep low-income black students in Louisiana from attending the schools of their choice. However, new research shows that Louisiana’s school choice program improves racial integration.

Peter Flanigan: A True Friend of School Choice

School vouchers never had a better friend than Peter Flanigan.


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