School Choice

Choice and Special Education

Schools of choice appear to be open to students with disabilities but aren’t as bureaucratically inclined to label students as disabled as are traditional public schools.

Study Shows Louisiana’s Choice Program Improves Racial Integration

In the name of civil rights, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking to keep low-income black students in Louisiana from attending the schools of their choice. However, new research shows that Louisiana’s school choice program improves racial integration.

Peter Flanigan: A True Friend of School Choice

School vouchers never had a better friend than Peter Flanigan.

New Hampshire Court’s School Choice Decision was Flawed and Unprecedented

Last week, a New Hampshire trial court declared that the state’s nascent scholarship tax credit (STC) program could not fund students attending religious schools.

Left-of-Center Reformers: Join the Voucher Movement Today

If the lack of accountability is reformers’ beef with voucher programs, that concern has been alleviated, at least in several states.

Update on the Milwaukee School Choice Evaluation Dust-Up

Even in the face of substantial program attrition, students who were in the MPCP in 9th grade in 2006 graduated from high school, enrolled in college, and persisted in college at rates higher than similar students in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS)

Ravitch Blow-Up on School Choice

Diane Ravitch is angry. She is upset because parental school choice is thriving in Milwaukee.

Yes, Valerie, School Choice Does Help Poor Kids

Yesterday, WaPo’s Valerie Strauss accused scholarship tax credit (STC) programs of operating as Reverse Robin Hoods, robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

Putting Charter School Conspiracy Theories to Rest

A review of Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story by Ember Reichgott Junge

We Can Change

Public education is a set of guiding principles—a combination of beliefs about something that ought to be provided. How we bring them to life is up to us.


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