School Choice

The Two Tracks of School Reform

Standards-based reform and school choice are interdependent, maybe even codependent.

Cutting the Tie Between Education and Housing

Middle income families wanting good schools often purchase homes in good school districts that are just barely within their financial means, causing them to live hand-to-mouth.

The Fact Checker Valerie Strauss Might Have Used on School Choice

This attack on a proposed expansion of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship shows a remarkable indifference to basic facts.

WaPo Blogger Wrong About School Choice… Again

Still more things wrong with the latest attack on a proposed expansion of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship.

The Connection between Choice and Humility

In New Orleans, we no longer have to argue about “What is the perfect school?” There is no perfect school. At best, there are perfect matches—situations where a student finds that exact environment where she can thrive.

How Private Schools Adapt to Vouchers: Five Case Studies from Ohio

Private schools that accept voucher students struggle to make ends meet, but are strikingly mission focused, often with a crusader’s zeal to educate every child that comes through their door, bearing a voucher or not.

Charter Lessons for School Choice, Including Accountability via Authorizers

Having state-approved authorizers oversee private schools that participate in voucher programs would expand the educational options available to disadvantaged kids, ensure that participating schools are high performing, and allow private schools to maintain their distinctive characteristics.

Executive Action I Can Support: Weighted Lotteries for Charter Schools

The U.S. Department of Education issued new guidance for the Public Charter Schools Program that will allow charters to use “weighted lotteries” without forfeiting their chance to receive federal start-up funds.

Nuances of School Choice

What does it mean to support school choice? A wide variety of programs fall under the umbrella of “school choice,” and some are better than others.

Am I Being Consistent on Testing Requirements?

I would be happy opposing state testing requirements for all schools (choice and traditional public) if those schools had some reasonable mechanism for accountability.


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