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Ted Sizer, R.I.P.

Theodore R. (Ted) Sizer, who passed away last week after a long and valiant battle with cancer, was a towering figure in American education—and a wonderful guy.

Putting the Brakes on Turnarounds

Though the inclination to fix our worst schools is understandable and is often the result of the best intentions, it is misguided. Turnarounds have not only consistently failed in education; they fail in the vast majority of instances in other industries and sectors. Moreover, and most importantly, continuing to pursue turnarounds actually inhibits our ability to build healthy urban school systems.

3X for All: Extending the Reach of Education’s Best

Instead of just trying to recruit more great teachers, what if schools chose to reach more children with the great teachers they already have?

Behind the Headlines – THE INFLUENCE GAME: Bill Gates’ sway on ed policy

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Behind the Headlines: Theodore R. Sizer, Education Innovator, Is Dead at 77

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In Memoriam: Theodore Sizer

What is most important is that Sizer, as establishment a figure in education as any, never forgot what was most important: searching for the successful ways of educating the next generation.

They’re #1–and They Teach To the TEST??!!

BASIS is a charter school that has struggled through neighborhood protests and funding cuts, plus the usual resistances that charter schools face, but its success speaks for itself. It's now the subject of a documentary produced by Robert Compton.

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New Ed Next Podcast: The Nobel Committee Isn’t the Only One Giving Speculative Prizes

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Getting Less for Less

Hawaii decided to fix their budget shortfall by eliminating 17 days from this school year in exchange for an 8 percent reduction in teacher salaries. It’s not a bad deal… as long as you are a teacher.


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