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New Ed Next Podcast: What Congress Is Not Working On

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. discuss the week’s education news...

Arne Duncan’s Planned Speech Shows Obama Administration Slowly Wading into NCLB

Secretary Duncan makes clear that he’s in no hurry to dive deep into NCLB. He’s inviting more input and advice as to how to set it right. (Never mind that there’s already a five-foot shelf of books and studies regarding NCLB’s shortcomings and needed repairs.)

Giving Up on Education Reporting

I could not disagree more with the notion that it’s unfair to blame education reporters for lack of depth in covering labor issues.

If Students Are Career-Oriented, It Doesn’t Show Up in Majors

With all the talk about workplace-readiness in education reform, one would think that students who enter college would look carefully at the coursework that leads to high-paying jobs.

Remembering Irving Kristol

So much that’s true—and important—has been written about the late Irving Kristol, I can add but a few recollections.

New Education Next Podcast: Charter Schools, Unions, and Linking Teachers with Student Achievement Data

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. discuss the week’s education news,...

Uncomfortable Reading on Race and Education

What was the educational impact of the civil rights movement?

The Lost Art of Book Reviewing: Editors Defend School Money Trials

The academic book review is a lost art. In days gone by, one could count on fellow scholars to lay out the books’ argument, skewer it, then identify a laundry list of factual errors that demonstrate the author was careless or worse.

Bahrain, Exeter Offer Clues About the Gender Gap in Math

Why do boys outperform girls in math, especially at the highest levels of math achievement? Two sets of economists released papers this summer examining the size of the gender gap in math achievement and investigating some possible contributing factors.

The Problem with Preschool for All

The campaign for universal preschool has gained great momentum, but a troubling contradiction casts...


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