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Wisconsin’s RTTT Follies

Further comment on the Wisconsin situation would not be warranted but for the continued assertion by Governor Jim Doyle and key legislators that the state is a serious contender for RTTT funds.

“The Cartel” in New Jersey

New Jersey is #1 in spending per public school student. Where does the money go, and why so much? The answers may be found in some of the bizarre and dismaying facts and stories recounted in a new education documentary entitled "The Cartel".

Behind the Headlines: Military to Debut Virtual School

On Top of the News Military to Debut Virtual School 11/05/09 | U.S. News &...

Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Calls The Shots on RTTT

With the approval of the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), Wisconsin legislators this week approved a decidedly tepid package of legislation supposedly designed to help the state win a Race To The Top grant.

Think Education Spending Will Decline? Think Again

America’s schools have always been well funded, despite the claims of school funding advocates who persistently assert that the nation shortchanges its students. That’s the most basic point of “The Phony Funding Crisis,”an article by myself and Arthur Peng that Education Next published on its website today.

Behind the Headlines: Obama calls for end of ‘firewall’ rules that shield teachers

On Top of the News Obama calls for end of 'firewall' rules that shield teachers 11/05/09...

New Ed Next Podcast: Will Congress Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut?

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. talk this week about a...

Wisconsin’s Race To The Top

Wisconsin appears to be a strong contender for Race To The Top funds. Melody Barnes, the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, said in a conference call that the president on Wednesday will ‘applaud positive steps forward’ on education reform in Wisconsin. One wonders: has Arne Duncan vetted the pending bills to determine if they represent the kind of change that will meet RTTT criteria?

Court Mandates on School Funding Sharply Decline

Since 2005, there have been important adequacy case decisions in over a dozen states, and in none of them have the courts required further funding increases. Several courts, when deciding new adequacy cases, have either dismissed them based on separation of powers grounds or have ruled against the plaintiffs on the merits following a trial.

Stimulating Stagnation in Education

According to a New York Times report, the Obama Administration admits that over half of the jobs it created or saved by its stimulus package were in the field of education. Had that money really been spent in ways to promote educational productivity, it would have been faithful to the investment goals of the stimulus package.


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