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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

What Did the House Speaker Fight Mean? An Education in Civics Can Explain

Amid classroom fixation on activism, institutions also matter.
Three plates of cookies

Numeracy for All

U.S. kids were struggling in math even before the pandemic. Here are four key ways to help students understand.

2023 Edu-Scholar Public Influence: Top 10 Lists

Here’s how scholars fared when it came to particular fields of study

The 2023 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

64 universities had at least one ranked scholar

The 2023 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Scoring Rubric

Simply making it onto the Edu-Scholar list is an accomplishment

What It Takes to Be an Effective Public Scholar

The extraordinary public scholar excels in five vital areas
Hand writing out Pythagoras Theorem on chalkboard

ChatGPT Is Not Ready to Teach Geometry (Yet)

The viral chatbot is often wrong, but never in doubt. Educators need to tread carefully.

The Top 10 Education Next Blog Posts of 2022

Religion, teacher pay attract reader interest
Illustration that reads "The Nation's Report Card"

State and Local NAEP Declines Were More Universal Than Commonly Reported

(with a caution on the hazards of misinterpreting “statistical significance”)


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