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Book cover of "Duck and Cover"

Why Do Schools Cling to ‘Stupid’ Ideas?

Two education scholars explore that question in a new book

High Court Decision in College Admissions Case Has K-12 Implications

Considering race in school assignment will become even harder after Harvard, UNC lose
Montse Gomendio

When “Stakeholders” and Status Quo Outweigh Student Outcomes

“A public system that funds both privately and publicly managed schools offers great advantages,” an author says
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ESA Expansion Underscores Urgent Need for School Finance Reform

Let more money follow students, rather than staying with school districts for students they no longer serve.
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Success of Educational Choice Laws Will Depend on Implementing Them with Excellence

Competence, clear, consistent rules, and communication will ease ESA transformation
St. Isidore of Seville, as seen in a painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, on display in the Seville Cathedral.

Oklahoma’s Approval of America’s First-Ever Religious Charter School Is Cause for Celebration

Religious pluralism, Free Exercise Clause of First Amendment outweigh concerns of critics
Campaign signs for Robert Pondiscio on a lawn

What I Learned Running for School Board

School districts and teachers unions rig the vote
Photo of Stanford University

Stanford Summer Math Camp Defense Doesn’t Add Up, Either

Flawed, non-causal research that the proposed California framework embraces


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