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The West Virginia state Senate debates school choice legislation, March 17, 2021.

Rethinking Old Tactics to Advance School Choice

Courting Democratic policymakers has not been effective. Indeed, it has likely been counter-productive.
Sen. Joe Manchin

Manchin Just Downsized the Democrats’ Massive Education Spending Plans

Free community college, universal pre-k may be trimmed to win passage of package.
Group of blindfolded people

Blinding Ourselves to America’s Achievement Woes

Even AP students now seek out "easy" subjects, such as "human geography."
A 12-year-old boy gets vaccinated in Florida.

New Polling Shows the K-12 Covid Fights Aren’t Going Anywhere

Teachers, administrators, and school boards will be squeezed between two angry, distrustful camps
Exterior of Madison West High School

No, the Evidence Does Not Support Racial ‘Affinity Spaces’ in Schools

Supporters routinely assert that there’s evidence to justify this practice, despite a startling lack of research actually supporting it.

School Choice Is Issue in California Recall

“I favor school choice, he doesn’t,” Larry Elder says of Governor Newsom
Children wait for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to arrive at a bill signing ceremony at St. John the Apostle School, Tuesday, May 11, 2021, in Hialeah, Fla.

How Big Was the Year of Educational Choice?

Estimating the number of newly eligible students
Ibram X. Kendi (left) and Nikole Hannah-Jones

Biden Backs Down on Civics Regulations as Senate Passes Amendment Against Teaching Children to “Hate America”

Kendi and “1619 Project” are dropped by federal Department of Education, but Silicon Valley, pharmaceutical donors ride to the rescue
Photo of Fung Wai Wah

Hong Kong Teachers Union Decides to Shut Down

“Very Saddening,” the union’s president says. He’s right.


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