Common Core

The RNC on the CCSSI, OMG!

Count us as among those surprised and alarmed by the Republican National Committee’s ill-considered decision to adopt a resolution decrying the Common Core standards.

The Truth about Common Core

Why are prominent conservatives criticizing a set of rigorous educational standards?

The Common Core Implementation Gap

A new report on state-level implementation of Common Core merits some attention—but less for its top-line findings and more for how it confirms what I’m now calling the “Common Core Implementation Gap.”

The Me Curriculum

If a state wants its high school graduates to succeed in college and the workplace, it needs to stop telling them, “Narrative writing is all about me.”

Pop Quiz on Common Core

We are days away from the end of the 2011 state legislative session, and to my knowledge, not a single law was enacted to block a state from participating in Common Core.

Fordham Responds to the Common Core “Counter-Manifesto”

The “counter-manifesto” released this week in opposition to national testing and a national curriculum is full of half-truths, mischaracterizations, and straw men. But it was signed by a lot of serious people and deserves a serious response.

Common Core: Now It Gets Interesting

The Common Core battle has been officially joined. The anti-Common Core-ites fired their first organized response, in a manifesto titled, "Closing the Door on Innovation."

Mandating Betamax

Once the Gates-Fordham-AFT-USDOE coalition settles on the details of nationalizing standards, curriculum, and testing, it will become extremely difficult to change anything about education.

Common Core vs. Charter Schooling?!! Waving That Yellow Flag

Yesterday, I noted a few worrisome signs that the Common Core effort is moving forward with a lack of attention to how it may clash with other practical considerations or improvement strategies. A particularly compelling example is posed by the looming collision that might occur when the unfolding effort comes to the attention of charter schoolers and school choice enthusiasts.

Is Common Core Running Off the Rails Already? Waving the Caution Flag

I've mixed feelings on the whole Common Core enterprise--largely because I find it easy to envision scenarios where it fails in ways that undermine promising improvement efforts. But the effort also has real promise, which is why I trust my friends on the Common Core train will take the following not as reflecting ill wishes but as a big ol' yellow caution flag.


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