Common Core

Perspective on the Common Core

We have a lot more commonality in standards and assessments than we did five years ago

Chicken Little Goes to School

The Common Core sky is not falling. Rather, the Common Core is right sizing.

A Playbook for the Common Core'ites: Part I

I"ve long said that the Common Core strikes me as an intriguing effort that could do much good. The past couple weeks, I"ve been struck by how fragile the effort is starting to seem and how clumsily the Common Core"ites seem to be responding to challenges. In the spirit of public service, here"s some advice.

Repairing the Conservative School Reform Coalition

For nearly 30 years, education-minded conservatives have embraced a two-part school reform strategy, focused on rigorous standards and parental choice. Recent events have frayed that coalition, but it’s not too late to stitch it back together.

A Point-by-Point Rebuttal of Today’s Anti-Common Core Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal

There are plenty of reasons to be against the Common Core, but many of those crusading against the Common Core have been playing fast and loose with the facts and purposefully spreading misinformation.

By the Company It Keeps: The U.S. Department of Education

This revealing back-and-forth with the United States Department of Education is the third and final installment in our testing-consortia series.

By the Company It Keeps: PARCC

An interview with PARCC, one of two consortia of states funded by the federal government to develop “next-generation” assessments aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Conservatives and the Common Core

When a group of state leaders, many of them Republicans, can come together to set expectations for the curricular core that surpass what most of them set on their own, conservatives ought to applaud, not lash out

Timing the Common Core

The next time you read a proposal about halting the Common Core, keep in mind all the time and money that’s already been spent.

Will the Assessment Consortia Wither Away?

If ACT and College Board scarf up much state business, there won’t be a lot left for the consortia.


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