Charter Schools

Why are Some Environments Better than Others for Charter Schools? Today’s Policy Question

This has been a good year for evidence on the effectiveness of charters, highlighted by a major national study from CREDO and a new study in the continuing work from New York City. Nonetheless, understanding and interpreting the scientific research within the political and media environment is made more difficult by the political context.

Special Ed Vouchers Level the Playing Field for Disabled Kids

As Jay Greene and I argue in our brand new Ed Next article, "The Case for Special Education Vouchers," parents of special ed students should be provided with vouchers that would allow their children to attend private school. The moral and equitable case for providing special ed vouchers is strong: some special ed students get a raw deal from the traditional public schools, which often are unable to provide the needed services or specialized teachers that a disabled student needs.

New Ed Next Podcast: Charter Schools Narrow Achievement Gaps in New York City

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. tackle another hot topic in...

In Good Faith

Earlier this week I submitted the following letter to the editor to the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know whether it will be published. I am less sanguine than the paper’s editors regarding the intentions of Senator Durbin.

La crème de la crème

It’s true that charter opponents can’t look at the recent Hoxby study and claim that it unfairly compares one type of student to another. But it doesn’t prove at all that charter schools aren’t creaming. Of course they are creaming. And good for them for doing it.

New Education Next Podcast: Charter Schools, Unions, and Linking Teachers with Student Achievement Data

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. discuss the week’s education news,...

Bringing High-Quality Charter Schools to Scale

There are more than 4500 charter schools across the United States today, but in...

President Obama Should Put Down “Hot, Flat, and Crowded,” Pick Up Education Next

The editorial board of the Washington Post has recommended some beach reading for President Obama.

School Choice Research: Will Evidence Ever Count?

Earlier this month, Mike Petrilli moderated a Fordham Institute discussion about whether charter schools had eclipsed private school vouchers as the most promising education reform.

Opinion Divided: Making Private Milwaukee Schools Public?

Major changes this year to Milwaukee's 20-year old voucher program please some and dismay others.


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