A Lasting Impact

High-stakes teacher evaluations drive student success in Washington, D.C

Measuring Up

Assessing instructor effectiveness in higher education

Boosting Hispanic College Completion

Does high-school recruiting help more students graduate?

Reforming Remediation

College students mainstreamed into statistics are more likely to succeed

Teacher Race and School Discipline

Are students suspended less often when they have a teacher of the same race?

Raising More Than Test Scores

Does attending a “no excuses” charter high school help students succeed in college?

School Closures In New York City

Did students do better after their high schools were closed?

Testing College Readiness

Massachusetts compares the validity of two standardized tests

A Bad Bargain

How teacher collective bargaining affects students’ employment and earnings later in life

When Does Accountability Work?

Texas system had mixed effects on college graduation rates and future earnings

Many Options in New Orleans Choice System

School characteristics vary widely

Results of President Obama’s Race to the Top

Win or lose, states enacted education reforms

Boosting Educational Attainment and Adult Earnings

Does school spending matter after all?

In Defense of Snow Days

Students who stay home when school is in session are a much larger problem

Does Better Observation Make Better Teachers?

New evidence from a 
teacher evaluation pilot in Chicago


Lessons on how from four pioneering districts

Learning from Live Theater

Students realize gains in knowledge, tolerance, and more

What Effective Schools Do

Stretching the cognitive limits on achievement

Does Student Attrition Explain KIPP’s Success?

Evidence on which students leave KIPP middle schools and who replaces them

Early Retirement Payoff

Incentive programs for veteran teachers may boost student achievement

The Texas Ten Percent Plan’s Impact on College Enrollment

Students go to public universities instead of private ones

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

College funds boost grades of African American students

Choosing the Right Growth Measure

Methods should compare similar schools and teachers

The Educational Value of Field Trips

Taking students to an art museum improves critical thinking skills, and more

Graduations on the Rise

The 2000s saw boost in U.S. students completing high school

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